We are Southern Alberta's first manufactured home community to offer lot ownership.



The Ownership Advantage

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The ownership advantage begins with no increasing pad rent. For many people, it is more advantageous to own rather than rent property. Over time, the value of property appreciates, and equity in the property increases as monthly mortgage payments gradually reduce the principal amount of the mortgage bringing an end in sight to no more payments.

At the Seasons we collaborate with the local dealerships and when you purchase your home lot and home, costs are combined for one mortgage payment.

The ownership advantage = pride of ownership!

The Green Advantage

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Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment. These factory built homes have countless advantages and are on the rise in popularity for many environmental reasons. They are energy efficient and "R for R" rated and follow the same regulations as stick built homes. The only difference between a stick built home and a manufactured home is that the latter is delivered to the homeowner complete. 

The Town of Coaldale's green initiative is well under way.  In addition to recycling services Coaldale offers composting services to encourage convenience, stewardship and savings. 

Green is an environmental advantage. 

The Community Advantage

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The Seasons' location provides homeowners with a sense of community within a community, a hamlet, of sorts. Resting on the edge of the southeastern tip of Coaldale where walking paths take you around the burgeoning landscaped development you are sure to notice the tranquility. “It is quiet, really quiet here”, is what you will hear most often from residents and visitors alike.

It’s a place where we like to think that neighbors take care of neighbors, when and if they are in need. A place where the annual summer barbeque brings everyone out for an evening of relaxation, food and old fashioned conversation for the entire family.

The community advantage is a place where you feel at home.


"I was one of the first ones to move into this development and I haven't looked back!"
 Chris Heerschap

Minutes away from Lethbridge, this extensively landscaped development situated adjacent to the Quad Ball Diamonds and accessible via 8th Street or 31st Avenue.