Lot Information:

1. What improvements are included in the lot purchase price?

  • Double car paved driveway
  • Gravel home pad
  • Two trees
  • Lawn

2. Are there landscaping rules?

  • Yes, we encourage as much greenery as possible
  • 60% of the front yard must be made up of planting

3. Can we build a fence?

  • Yes, fences can be between 4 and 6 feet high. (4ft solid 2ft of lattice)

4. What is the maximum size of a shed?

  • 10' x 10' Anything larger requires town approval.

5. Are garages allowed?

  • Yes, size is relative to your lot size.

6. Can I have a basement?

  • Most manufactured homes do not allow for stairs and as a result,

          this community was not designed for basements.

Site information:

1. How is safety addressed with the pond?

  • The pond is an ornamental water feature and it is not fenced.
  • Children should be accompanied by a parent at all times.

2. Will there be storage available for RV's?

  • Yes, we have a dedicated RV storage area.


Financial Information:

1. When does the down payment have to be submitted?

  • A 10% deposit is required to hold a lot.

2. How much are taxes?

  • The Town of Coaldale regulates the taxes and will be able to provide the homeowner with the tax amount relative to the value of the home and lot.

3. How much are condo fees?

  • $75 per month.
  • They are effective as soon as the home is placed on the lot.